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D4HH is led by Dr John Roberts who has a special interest in Dental and Health Care, Education and Therapeutic Healing Practices that can offer bespoke services and information throughout the world

John has 40 years of practical experience as a Holistic Dentist, Integrative Health Doctor and has travelled extensively as a Lecturer, Organiser and Delegate in Europe, North and South America and Mauritius.
John’s passion and mission at this stage of his professional journey is to share his knowledge, skills and ambitions with existing patients, new clients and, Dental and Health Practitioners looking to integrate this style of care into their practices. I also share with everyone else interested in following his learning through this website D4HH Dentistry for Health and Healing. 

A letter from John

Fond farewells to 20 years at Coteroyd Dental
From 31st October 2023, Dr John Roberts will be saying a fond farewell
to Cote Royd Dental Practice, since founding and opening the doors
20 years ago on 3rd March 2003.

D4HH ambitions for the next 20 years!!
With no desire to retire from Dentistry, John’s ambition is to continue providing the dental care to patients who can travel to see him.
Now working in the Northwest of England at 2 locations, John will also offer online consultations for those who cannot always travel.

D4HH Patient Registry - Dentistry for Health and Healing

Many patients have now registered with John at one of these dental practices:

Lonsdale Dental From 1st November, 2023, Dr John Roberts shall be working Wednesdays & Thursdays at Lonsdale Dental Practice, North Yorkshire. Address: Tram Lane, Kirby Lonsdale, Carnforth, LA6 2BQ 

Ashton-In-Makerfield Dental From February, 2024, Dr John will also be working a Tuesday with a Dental Clinic at Ashton-In-Makerfield, Lancashire. Address: 19 Wigan Rd, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan WN4 9AR

Contact Us if you wish to register as Dr John’s patient, please send your enquiry on the Website https://www.dentistry4healthandhealing.com

Or email [email protected] at least 1 month before your scheduled visit

As an existing patient you can simply continue with your regular appointments.
We will send you a Welcome Pack with the appropriate documentation to allow you to transfer your dental records to your preferred practice location 

If you are a new patient your first appointment will need to be a New Patient Consultation to give you the choices for your dental care. This will include charting your teeth, x-rays, discussing your treatment options and at the end of your assessment, prescribe the appropriate course of dental bite and hygiene treatments

Dr John will be working alongside a team of fellow professionals: well-trained support staff, experienced Dental Practitioners who will share the clinical – drilling, filling & crowns, implants, and the Dental Hygiene therapies

For Dentists and Practitioners John can offer, within the UK and abroad, in-house training courses, lecturing, podcasts. The goal is to spread Biological and the Holistic Style of Dental Care for many more patients

    It’s an exciting time for John and for holistic dentistry.
    His intention is to fully utilise and develop his 40 years
    of professional experience, his passion, knowledge, and beliefs
    as both a Dentist and an Integrative Medicine Doctor

    “I am looking forward to sharing  the next chapter of our health
     journeys  and I wish you joy and happiness in your everyday lives
     Thank you”                    
     - John 


Defining John as D4HH - Dentistry 4 Health and Healing

After 40 years as a hands-on practical, experienced dental practitioner, I Dr John Roberts feel it is time to share my knowledge and experiences with those who are looking to train or receive the style of dental care I have practiced.

The first thing I choose to do is to define what kind of dental practitioner I am, this has not been easy. I hope the explanation below illustrates how I integrate many practices into where and who I am now: - 


I am a qualified dentist and I must be licenced to practice dentistry so I know what I am talking about and what I have experienced.  However, I have a second degree in Integrative Medicine so, I do understand and use alternative health practices such as nutrition, homeopathy, modern homeopathy, as well as understanding and discussing osteopathic and chiropractic influences to dental care. I also acknowledge a more energetic connection with teeth, meridians, and emotional influences and incorporate them into my practice daily.


Is where I acknowledge that dentistry  can have a profound influence on the total health and wellbeing of a person both for health and harm . WHOLE BODY dental care is our goal.


Is where I will happily say science is now catching up with ALTERNATIVE and HOLISTIC practices. We now know mercury is harmful to health, that gum disease affects the whole of the body, nutrition can be used for healing, that the bite affects breathing and sleeping and so on.


Is where we are now understanding that what we do in the mouth affects how our biology works. It includes breathing and behavioural problems in children, to poor sleep in adults leading to chronic inflammation and chronic diseases, the biggest killers of our time. It also looks at the influence of infections in the mouth having whole body effects, they should never be considered localised. We also look at allergies to dental materials and how to test for them the list goes on.


Is where dentists, health practitioners and patients experience the link between dentistry and headaches, head, neck, shoulder and whole body pain and dysfunction. We now understand how the teeth, the bite and mechanics of the jaw influence you right down to your little toe but could also be a cause of unexplained dental problems or dental myths. It is looking at how the teeth fit into the rest of the body.


Is where I truly believe many patients will keep their teeth a lifetime. The weakest link if often short-term, sometimes cosmetic work, often extractions to quickly straighten teeth which are quick fix dental care but will have lifelong detrimental effects on overall health. The same is especially true for the treatment of children.  


Is where the modern dental team, work with other health practitioners to achieve better health outcomes for patients. They may include functional medicine practitioners and nutritionists to help with for example mercury detox and inflammation control, body workers to help with structural issues and acupuncturists kinesiologists and other energy medicine practitioners to help with the energetic issues of dental care. 

I believe that the modern caring biologically orientated dentist must practice all these styles of care without getting stuck with dogma or the opinion of individuals including their own.
Every patient has different needs and what is suitable for one maybe harmful for another. The treatment must be matched to the individual person at that moment in time with their current needs and beliefs. 
It is appropriate that they are made aware of what else MODERN DENTAL CARE can offer and be given all the choices that now are available for improving their future dental and general health. This can at times give conflicting advice but it is determined by the individual patients need at that moment in time.

Everyone has their own unique wellscription, so the wider the scope of dental care the better the outcome and their healing experience.

Dr John Roberts  28th Feb 2023.

Read more about Dr John Roberts career since qualifying as a Dentist at Leeds University in 1981

D4HH is focussed on your whole-body health and here you will find research informed information, advice, ideas, and tools including a shop to help you be a healthier you. 

Caring about how your dental and oral health can affect your whole person and how we can support you in your life journey to address underlying health issues that can impact on your oral health.

For this reason, this web site www.dentistry4healthandandhealing.co.uk and its content is delivered by an individual, Dr John Roberts, Doctor of Integrative Medicine (Capitol University Washington DC 2002 )  Balens insurance 1234456. 
Dr Roberts is exercising his freedom of speech to deliver this content, as an experienced health practitioner sharing his experiences and understanding from numerous health meetings and contact with experienced health and dental practitioners.

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