Our Style of Care

Dentistry 4 Health and Healing is a developing modern approach to a whole person and holistic practice of dental care. No one specific person or organisation owns this practice. 

D4HH blends current and developing  scientific understanding and information about dental and general health care with an alternative and  holistic approach  to health and healing. 

D4HH is part of a team approach to 21st century health care. It has a role towards an INTEGRATIVE approach to whole body health care.

How it is practiced depends on the individual practitioners understanding, knowledge, skill and personal beliefs and as importantly what each patient  understands and chooses to receive.

D4HH promotes using modern equipment, techniques and materials, integrating it with holistic observations and healing principles to deliver dental care that enhances dental and whole body health.


What is Dentistry 4 Health and Healing’s CORE MESSAGE?

D4HH is a dental orinetated healing modality. It primarily aims to restore health and balance (hormesis) by harmonising form and function and the oral cavity head neck and shoulders as part of the whole body.

Its secondary aim is the elimination of  dental diseases and toxic dental care influences and thereby reducing dental induced inflammation. This will have a direct effect on whole body inflammation which is acknowledged as one of the main causes for the increase in chronic systemic ill health  that we  see in  our modern world. 


How is Dentistry 4 Health and Healing practiced?

D4HH is  suD4HHivided into 4 main areas of practice. For each practitioner and patient, there will always be a compromise between these different practices which is most benificial to that individulal  There will always be a focus towards the overall health of the individual patient. 



D4HH promotes the use of  as biologically safe, inert dental materials. If possible, the removal of inflammatory inducing metals and other materials that are not health promoting. D4HH has several methods to show how to test each individual to help them choose compatibility with dental materials.



The focus for D4HH, is to work towards the elimination of  all infections in the gums, teeth and jaws - all of which are recognised to have far reaching negative systemic health effects.



D4HH sees the role in the development and maintenance  of structural integrity between individual  teeth, as well as the teeth, mouth, and jaws to allow for better dental health alignment, breathing, swallowing and whole body alignment for better general and whole body health.



D4HH recommends the use of safe, none invasive healing and health restoring products and  techniques to reduce dental induced inflammation. 


About us

The information on this web site and  future information and  blogs are complied by a group of Health Practitioners  and dental advisors- most are UK based. As a developing organisation we are neither a UK or global authority on Dentistry 4 Health and Healing, nor do we claim to be complete in what we promote.

Our purpose here is to share this information with as many others as possible without judgement, dogma and minimal personal opinions.

The educational goals are for the Dental Practitioners, to include their Dental Team Members and for other general Health Practitioners.This website will also act as a resource for general members of the public who are looking for information about this style of dental care. It is not the intention here to directly advertise dental services or individual practitioners.  

Dentistry 4 Health and Healing is about the delivery of health orientated dental care through the practices listed above.